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Episode #8: 7 Healthy Habits for Moms with a Passion & Mompreneurs with Rosemarie Gonzalez

January 26, 2017

Welcome to episode number 8 where we dig into 7 healthy habits for moms. 

After stumbling across a momma with a passion for fitness I noticed she also encourages mompreneurs to live a healthier lifestyle. Not only is she an advocate for health and wellness, but she helps women and small families build their business brand and identity.

Let’s just say I have a hard time choosing between the right food for me and purchasing a family size bag of Oreos.

How do I know if eating healthy and getting my body into exercise mode is really worth it?

Our special momma, Rosemarie Gonzalez, walks us through healthy habits to live by from her personal struggle of balancing her calling and mom-life. I truly hope you find her story as inspiring and encouraging as I do.

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About the Birth N Wellness Hub Momma

Rosemarie Gonzalez

Rosemarie is a lovely wife and mom of four beautiful children from ages 3-12. She's a New Yorker who is foremost passionate about following Christ. After ten years of holding a passion for graphic design, a new passion emerged from her own personal experience.

After two c-sections, Rosemarie delivered her third child naturally.

She decided she wanted to educate women on finding the best choice for their child-birthing options. 

As she puts it, some women don't know they have more than one option. Moms can actually interview other physicians to find the best one that suits her plan for delivery.

However, she's a strong advocate of helping women tap into their God-given instincts for a natural birth. 

Not only is she a mom with a passion for graphic design and doula services, she owns another passion from another journey in her life. Through the motions of motherhood and as a business owner she lost sight of her own health.

So, that's when her passion to be a fitness coach blossomed. 

Now, she's a writer and encourager on the online platform at Birth N Wellness Hub. Here you will find Rosemarie's callings wrapped together to bless many women among her. She dives into mommyhood, wellness, fitness, and birthing stories and options.

Here are 10 workouts she recommends for busy moms. 

Visit the full article on 7 Healthy Habits for Moms on the Passion Brewing Momma Blog!

Here’s an Outline of the Sweet Stuff in Episode Eight:

  • Rosemarie's passion for graphics design, childbirth education, and health & wellness
  • How she balances mom-life and time for her
  • 7 healthy habits for moms with a passion and mompreneurs
  • An inside peak of what she does as a doula
  • How to start having a passion for encouraging healthy living

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