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Episode #15: The Simplest Way To Find Happiness For Moms

September 8, 2017

I've spent several years trying to pinpoint that one thing. The one thing that will make me happy.

The hobby that won't get buried in my closet waiting to be finished.

Something that will make a tiny dent in the world around me.

That one thing I can claim as my own.

As a mom of three, it's hard to hold onto our own sandwich without someone wanting a part of it.

Better yet our sanity.

So how can we find that one thing that will give us the spark of happiness we are looking for?

Through the few years that I have realized the importance of having something for me, I know this.

  1. Making things with my Cricut machine is my absolute favorite. (I get to be creative without owning any crafty skills)

Check out what a Cricut machine does and why you might like it too!

  1. I love writing despite the fact I'm not very good at it.

Even though I've discovered these things I love doing, I've failed to recognize the simplest way to find happiness.

The Simplest Way To Find Happiness

The simplest way to find happiness is finding the person beneath the mess, the chaos, the pain.

It's saying no when we want to say yes.

And loving you for you. Even when you feel unlovable.

It's yet so simple and yet can be so complex if we let the disease of busyness enter our core.

But, if we chose to remain busy. Telling ourselves we have too much on our plate. Covering our busyness with band-aids of false accountability, we can easily lose the people we so desperately care about.

We can even lose ourselves.

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Here’s an outline of the sweet stuff in episode 14:

  • The simplest way to find happiness
  • The number one lie we tell ourselves

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