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Episode #5: Friendships in the Season of Motherhood with Noelle Rhodes

December 15, 2016

Welcome to episode number 5: Friendships in the Season of Motherhood with Noelle Rhodes. I met Noelle in a writing group on Facebook. She recently started working on her own podcast a month or so before me. After stalking her shows on Stitcher, I knew I wanted her to share her research about friendship with you.

Sometimes I feel like all my friendships are failing.

No one really gets me. How do I define the point of finding new friends, and letting go of others? Should I tell my friend that I think we are falling apart? Let’s face it, friendships are hard.

Noelle answers some of these tough challenging questions everyone asks themselves. I hope you find her answers as valuable as I do!

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About the Friending Podcast Host

Noelle's a New Jersey momma who loves to talk about friendship. She’s a writer, speaker, podcast host on the show Friending, and a mom of two beautiful children. If you sat down and had a cup of coffee with her, she probably would have strong opinions about the Oscars, board games, and Netflix.

She lived in Ireland for six years doing missionary work and then moved back to her beagle loving city of New Jersey. When she moved back she found it hard to connect with old friends from long ago. That's when her passion for talking about friendship started. She also loves Jesus and meeting new people.

How Important are Friendships in the Season of Motherhood?

It's hard to find good friends. Finding new friends and keeping in touch with friends in different seasons can be challenging. We all parent in various ways and it's hard to escape the judgment from other moms.

So how important is it for us to work on friendships in the season of motherhood?

What does Noelle say to this? Friendships are crucial! We need someone to tell us we're not alone.

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Here’s an outline of the sweet stuff in episode five:

  • All about Noelle's passion for writing and speaking
  • When to define letting go of a friendship, or repairing it
  • What to do when we feel disconnected with our friends
  • What squad goals and why we need them

Listen to find out why everyone needs a Janet! 

I hope you enjoy Noelle's wisdom on friendship as much as I do.

May your day be filled with friends that make you smile, another friend to say I’m here for you, and a little bit of sunshine. For we never know what goodness the day can bring until we fully love who we are.

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