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Episode #9: Transforming Others Through the Repercussions of Addiction With Kimberly Dewberry

February 9, 2017

Welcome to episode number 9, where we talk about the calling of healing others through the repercussions of addiction. I love Instagram and am always captured by Kimberly's beautiful graphic of a dragonfly, along with her prayer requests and #talkitovertuesday posts.

What I didn't know was the beautiful breath-taking story beneath her calling and ministry. 

In this episode, Kimberly walks us through her own passions of bible journaling, Jesus, writing, and even dating her own husband.

What you don't want to miss is her story on how her passion for helping others through the pain of living with an addict blossomed! I hope you fall in love with her story and ministry like I did.

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About the Dragonfly Momma

Kimberly Dewberry-Dragonfly Momma

Kimberly Dewberry is a mom of six wonderful children and three furbabies. While her children have migrated outside the home, she is an amazing wife of six years to her husband Patrick.

She's a true Texas gal who was born and raised just outside of Dallas.

This momma's ultimate passion is Jesus. Kimberly loves sharing devotions, encouragement, and hope on her blog. Writing is what makes this momma feel at home.

In the morning, you probably would see her searching for the words God has for her.

Have you ever thought of Bible journaling? Kimberly's creative side swayed her to try it and she's found a deeper connection in the verses since then.

In addition, she loves to color in stress-relief coloring books. Kimberly works as vice president of secondary mortgage operations at a North Texas bank, and when she's not working she loves going on adventures with her husband.


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Here’s an outline of the sweet stuff in episode nine:

  • Kimberly's passion for healing others through the repercussions of addiction
  • The beautiful story behind her ministry
  • Where to start with Bible journaling
  • Things to consider before getting started with ministering to those with addiction

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