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Episode #7: Why Every Mom Needs Bucket List Goals

January 12, 2017

Welcome to episode number 7: Why Every Mom Needs Bucket List Goals.

Do you want more time to do those things pressing on your heart this year?

Feeling a little hopeless and exhausted already from those little minions running around?

So How Can We Look At Goals Differently?

I love a to-do list. I like to complete something before I move onto the next thing. But honestly, goals feel more like one more thing I have to do.

They are overwhelming.

A bit exhausting.

And, they are constantly reminding me of how much I fail.

And eventually, my goals get thrown in the back of my closet with my misfit clothes I’ll wear someday.

So why am I blabbering about the nonsense of goals if they don’t work?

If we don’t have goals we are working towards absolutely nothing.


Read the full article on Why Every Mom Needs Bucket List Goals on the Passion Brewing Momma Blog!


Here’s an outline of the sweet stuff in episode seven:

  • Why goals never work
  • How to look at goals in a new way
  • Why every mom needs bucket list goals

This Week’s Momma Challenge

I want you to create your bucket list goals. And if it’s way past January, still make one! Remember this is not another to-do list. It’s the key to change our maybe’s into something. For if we never make a destination for where we’re going we’ll never set sail. Did you miss the last Momma Challenge? Check it out here. 

I hope I have your mind brewing on some new destinations for you this year.

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